X-Men Legends Returning This May

X-Men Legends on sale May 18th 2022.

X-MEN LEGENDS is returning. This is a series where X-Men’s most celebrated creators return with new, in-continuity stories set during their classic runs. An-all new issue #1 is coming this May. Coming on board to launch this extraordinary new era of the series will be industry pioneer Roy Thomas. He is the writer behind some of the X-Men’s most memorable Silver Age adventures. Thomas will pen a new story set after his final issue and before GIANT-SIZE X-MEN. Teaming up with artist Dave Wachter, Thomas will revisit the early publication days of one of his greatest co-creations–WOLVERINE!

X-Men Legends on sale May 18th 2022.

Having redefined the merry mutants in two seminal runs on the book, Roy Thomas, at long last, returns to the saga of the X-Men! For the first time, readers will get new insight into Wolverine’s government missions before his recruitment by Professor X (including unrevealed details on his battle with the green goliath in the iconic HULK #181-#182). This untold episode will also star Beast and a host of missing mutants and reveal the secret behind Wolverine’s costume!

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