Willow Directed By Ron Howard Celebrates 35th Anniversary

Willow is a Fantasy Adventure classic by Ron Howard.

The 1988 fantasy adventure film Willow hit theaters 35 years ago today. The movie, directed by Ron Howard, continues to captivate audiences with its enchanting tale and captivating visuals. It is set in a mythical land and takes viewers on a thrilling journey with magic, bravery, and the power of destiny.

The story follows the unlikely hero, Willow Ufgood, portrayed by Warwick Davis, a dwarf farmer who dreams of becoming a sorcerer. When a baby girl named Elora Danan, destined to overthrow the wicked Queen Bavmorda, is in his care, Willow embarks on a dangerous quest to protect her from the clutches of evil. Along the way, he encounters an array of memorable characters, including the fierce warrior Madmartigan, played by Val Kilmer, and the wise sorceress Fin Raziel, portrayed by Patricia Hayes.

One of the film’s greatest strengths lies in its breathtaking world-building. From lush forests to treacherous mountains and mystical castles, the intricate sets and stunning landscapes bring the fantastical realm to life. Although created in the pre-CGI era, the visual effects remain impressive even by today’s standards. It showcases Howard’s masterful direction and attention to detail.

The performances are another highlight.

Warwick Davis shines as the courageous and determined Willow, capturing the audience’s hearts with his endearing portrayal. Val Kilmer’s charismatic turn as the roguish Madmartigan adds a touch of humor and charm. At the same time, Joanne Whalley’s performance as the brave warrior princess, Sorsha, brings depth to her conflicted character.

The film’s enduring appeal also lies in its timeless themes. “Willow” explores the concepts of heroism, self-discovery, and the power of belief. It teaches us that even the smallest individuals can achieve greatness and significantly impact the world around them. Over the years, “Willow” has built a devoted fan base and is often hailed as a classic in the fantasy genre. Ron Howard’s direction, exceptional performances, and compelling narrative make “Willow” a must-watch for any fantasy enthusiast. It remains a beloved fantasy adventure film that stands the test of time. Something that the Disney+ series failed to accomplish.

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