Will Ferrell To Play John Madden In Film About The Video Game

Will Ferrell’s John Madden movie will be about the creation of the Madden NFL video game series.

Will Ferrell holding orange cone to his mouth.

Deadline reports that Will Ferrell will play the NFL Legend John Madden in a new film. Madden initially made a name for himself as a professional football player for the Oakland Raiders. He later transitioned into coaching and later became a beloved sports broadcaster. He led the Raiders to victory in Super Bowl XI in 1977 and amassed an impressive winning record throughout his tenure. However, it was in the broadcasting booth where Madden truly shined. His charismatic personality, insightful analysis, and iconic catchphrases captivated audiences.


Madden tells the story of one of the larger-than-life personalities to grace an NFL sideline. All Madden ever wanted was to be a head coach, and he was one of the best. After winning the Super Bowl, the stress of the job began to destroy him. It forced him away from his dream job, and the film focuses on his friendship with Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis and how Madden found a second act that made him far more famous.

The Madden NFL video game franchise series debuted in 1988.

It has since grown into a cultural phenomenon, captivating millions of fans worldwide. The video game was known for its realistic gameplay, immersive graphics, and attention to detail. It consistently delivered an authentic football experience year after year. Although Madden had never played a video game in his life, he changed the industry’s landscape with Madden NFL. The film will be directed by David O. Russell of American Hustle for Amazon Studios. Read more News on Nerdtropolis and visit our YouTube channel.

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