What If…? Season 2 – Disney+ Trailer

What If…? will unwrap nine nights of the Marvel multiverse.

Animated Marvel Avengers in What If.

In a festive twist for Marvel fans, the multiverse unfolds in the second season of Marvel Studios’ animated series “What If…?”. It will premiere on Disney+ starting December 22. The cosmic narrator, The Watcher, will guide viewers through a web of alternate realities again. This series delivers a unique spin on beloved Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) moments. Fans are in for a treat as a new episode will drop each night for nine consecutive nights. Watch the trailer below!

As the MCU expands, “What If…?” explores fascinating scenarios, presenting brand-new and familiar faces across its animated canvas. The series promises a rollercoaster of emotions and surprises as it questions, revisits, and twists classic MCU moments. A star-studded voice cast returns to breathe life into iconic characters, adding depth and dimension to the multiverse. The likes of Nebula, Hela, and Happy Hogan are set to take center stage this season, with familiar voices reprising their roles to the delight of fans.

As the multiverse unfolds, and The Watcher resumes his cosmic duties, “What If…?” promises a thrilling journey for fans, blending the magic of the MCU with the boundless possibilities of alternate realities. Mark your calendars for December 22, as the multiverse awaits, ready to unravel its secrets one episode at a time. Watch more Trailers and Subscribe to our YouTube.

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