Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Video Game Review

Is Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Good?

OH MY GOD YES! What a sleeper! Warhammer is back on the map for video games. I haven’t played a decent Warhammer title since Dawn of War 2. Vermintide 2 fixed so many of the slow sluggish problems of the first Vermintide, now allowing you to cleave through hordes of enemies, seriously we killed 1,000 Skaven in one round. It is like Dynasty Warriors met Dungeons and Dragons, and it plays like Left 4 Dead down to the special enemies and mad dashes to escape.

What does Warhammer: Vermintide 2 do right?

The original Vermintide had sloppy boxy controls often causing you to miss and get smacked by skaven during your attack cooldowns. That ship done sailed girl, you can straight up clown on these fools. The Skavens limbs will fly across your screen, sometimes bodies fly across the screen in a satisfying ragdoll way. Enemies can even easily be pushed off cliffs, and before you ask, yes it’s funny every time. Twitch Integration! Twitch chats can watch us streamers play, they can vote with #A or #B to boon or doom me during my adventures. This has been such a hit for us and it has seriously been such a blast! Twitch integration is a super fun way to interact with your chat and non-gamer friends who just want to hang out with you! Last night my chat sent a Bile Ogre after us.

Photo courtesy of Games Workshop

When we got finished killing it they “Booned” me a bomb. I threw that damn bomb off the cliff as soon as I could as a HUGE middle finger to the monsters who sent that Bile Ogre me in the first place! We all laughed and eventually I failed the mission, my chat piped up “Should’ve kept that bomb!” Joining co-op games is as easy as the click of the A button. Connecting to games takes less than a minute most times. There are 5 characters each with 3 different builds each, effectively giving you 15 characters to choose from with more DLC planned.

You will shoot, slice, smash, and burn your way through hundreds and hundreds of Skaven (Ratfolk) and Chaos (cultists and undead) with three other players, parties of four. The maps are interactive and action packed with huge colorful background scenes and unfortunately rare puzzles. Giant focal points will dominate scenes and make missions feel special as you and your comrades easily dissect armies of rats limb from limb zone by zone.

What does Warhammer: Vermintide 2 do poorly?

Lots and lots of gore, blood, limbs, dead bodies, screams. That’s kind of the point though right? Just overwhelming at times. Character customization is still too light for my belly though they have certainly made progress with the passive trees and character skills as far as customization goes, and what they offer is fine. I’m just so hungry for more. Give us fully customizable characters, we want orcs and goblins now. We’re ready for Eldar, tau, Tyrannids.

Photo courtesy of Games Workshop
Should you buy it?

Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes! The Vermintide 2 team has really set a great standard for Warhammer games, moreover Coop games in general. It’s currently free on GamePass, you really NEED to download this one.

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