Villagers – Card Drafting Board Game Review

Villagers is the 7th most backed UK Kickstarter campaign of all time


Ever want to be the founder of a small town in the middle ages? Ever wish you could personally provide a home to refugees after the black plague? Boy, do I have a game for you! Villagers is a card drafting game for One to Five players where you take turns recruiting villagers from The Road and placing them into your village. Villagers is a beautifully illustrated journey through community building and production chains. You compete with other villages (The Countess in single player) to have the most productive and wealthy village in the land.

Villagers Board Game

Villagers Gameplay

Setup only takes about ten minutes and looks oh so good sprawled on the table. You set up The Road, basic villagers, and your founders. Taking turns, you draft villagers from the face-up row or from the facedown stacks that make up the road. The second and final facedown villager stacks have Market Phase cards at the bottom. Both market phases are a chance to earn coins from your established supply chains. Once a Market Phase card is revealed, a market phase will take place at the end of the current round.

After drafting, begins the Build Phase. Building your supply chains is the most important and fun part of Villagers. Each different villager has a different bonus, coin value, and build path. You can’t turn a fromager into a shipwright, as the saying goes. At least not without some form of sorcery, and while Villagers is a magical game, it is without spells! Choosing what villagers to build and which path to aim for is the most strategic part of the gameplay. Some villagers are necessary to build other villagers and can get you coins if you or an opponent has need of such a villager.

When the final market phase is revealed, the final round will be played, and the final points tallied. Villagers is won by the village with the most coins, so pinch those pennies!

Villagers Board Game Setup


By the end, you have created a community you can be proud of. Win or lose hopefully everyone had fun and at under $30, this game is a must-buy for any lover of card drafting. Hopefully, I’ll see you on the road.

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