TRON Light Cycle Collectible Revealed By Hero Collector

TRON Light Cycle is a must have for fans of the franchise.

TRON Light Cycle Collectible Revealed by Hero Collector

Hero Collector, has announced its newest die-cast collectible: the iconic light cycle from the 1982 Disney sci-fi classic TRON! This is a behind high-quality pop-culture collectibles and they are ready to enter the Grid. Disney’s TRON took audiences into the Grid and became a cult film of tremendous influence. TRON’s impact extends across the worlds of cinema, music, games, and more.

TRON Light Cycle Collectible Revealed by Hero Collector  Promo

Hero Collector’s Tron: Light Cycle Collection offers fans of this classic franchise their very own light cycle. The design is taken from one of Flynn’s own video games, the light cycle repurposed for the MCP’s deadly gladiatorial challenges. This screen-accurate, hand-painted light cycle figurine perfectly matches the original CG model. It will come in each color seen in the original film – blue, orange, and red.

Fans of the movie and other classic sci-fi franchises should stay tuned for more Hero Collector products.

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