Transformers: EarthSpark – Series Trailer

Transformers: EarthSpark coming to Paramount+.

The original animated series, TRANSFORMERS: EARTHSPARK, will premiere on Friday, November 11th, on Paramount+. The all-new animated series will have 26 episodes. It will introduce a new generation of Transformers robots. They are the first Transformers robots to be born on Earth, and together with the human family who welcomes them in and cares for them, they’ll redefine what it means to be a family. Watch the trailer below!

The voice cast and their EarthSpark characters are:

Sydney Mikayla as Robby Malto, Zion Broadnax  Morgan ‘Mo’ Malto, Benny Latham as Dot Malto, Jon Jon Briones as Alex Malto, Kathreen Khavari as Twitch Malto, Zeno Robinson as Thrash Malto, Danny Pudi as Bumblebee, Alan Tudyk as Optimus Prime, Rory McCann as Megatron, Cissy Jones as Elita-1 and Diedrich Bader as Mandroid. Additional voice cast announces are Nolan North as Swindle and Hardtop, Michael T Downey as Wheeljack, Marc Evan Jackson as Agent Schloder, Sean Kenin Reyes as Soundwave, Nicole Dubuc as Skywarp and Nova Storm, Martha Marion as Arcee, Kari Wahlgren as Executive Agent Croft, and Daran Norris as Mr. Smelt.

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