|Toys| McFarlane Toys Introduces New DC Line and Spawn Reissue

Spawn Is Coming To Kickstarter

Coming out of the gate in 1995 with McFarlane Toys Series 1, kickstarter will be used to bring back the original Spawn figure with hopes to re-release all 6 original figures in retro packaging with modern day sculpting and present day skill set. Details to come soon.

DC Characters Come To Life

McFarlane Toys, Warner Bros. Consumer Products, and DC, revealed the highly anticipated new DC Multiverse collector figure line by McFarlane Toys, available in both mass and specialty retailers beginning January 2020.

The new DC Multiverse collector line features incredibly detailed 7-inch figures designed with an impressive 22 points of articulation. Each figure comes with a collectible card that has character-specific art and a biography, multiple accessories, and a display base.

MSRP is $19.99 to $24.99 USD for each figure.

“McFarlane Toys has kept the DC Multiverse action figure line-up and images top-secret, but today I’m thrilled to show fans, collectors and big kids, like me, the incredible range of DC Super Hero and Super-Villain character designs that our team has created just for them to bring home,” said Todd McFarlane, Creative Force and CEO of McFarlane Toys.

Todd McFarlane

The first wave of figures includes:

Batman: Detective Comics #1000

Batman accessories include Grapnel Launcher and Batarang.
Showcases a different chest emblem as homage to the Classic Batman.

Superman: Action Comics #1000

Superman accessory includes a flight stand for 360-degree aerial figure posing.

Batgirl DC Rebirth

Batgirl accessories include Grapnel Launcher and Batarang.

Nightwing DC Rebirth

Nightwing accessories include two Escrima sticks.

The Batman Who Laughs

The Batman Who Laughs accessories include a Knife and a Sickle.

Batman: Batman the Animated Series

Batman’s accessories include a Grapnel Launcher and Batarang.

Superman: Superman the Animated Series

Superman’s accessories include a piece of bent steel.
Includes bonus pair of alternate fists.

Green Lantern: Justice League

Green Lantern figure is based on the iconic style of Justice League Animated Series Green Lantern’s accessories include a Lantern Willpower Projection Blaster, headset, and visor.

Harley Quinn: Classic

Harley Quinn’s accessories include a Mallet and (Gag) Bang! Blaster.

Batman: Hellbat Suit – Superman: Unchained Armor

Batman (Hellbat Suit) features articulated posable wings that can extend the figure height to 9 inches tall and 14 inches wide (some assembly required). Superman features rotating posable wings that can extend the figure height to 9 inches tall and 10 inches wide (some assembly required).


Wonder Woman accessories include unfurled lasso, wrapped lasso, and base.


Wonder Woman accessories include detachable wings, flight stand, and base.

Batman White Knight Coming Soon

Batman White Knight, SWAT Team Jack with Joker head and Azrael.

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