|Toys| Mattel Makes A Big Splash At Toy Fair

Check out all the must-have toys!

Taking up the entire 4th floor of the Javits Convention Center, Mattel was in attendance to showcase their latest and hottest toys and brands. By appointment only, buyers and press had the opportunity to get a hands-on look at this year’s latest trends.

Star Wars, Pixar, WWE, Hot Wheels, Barbie And More!

He may look like a Baby Yoda, but this lovable creature is referred to as The Child. Inspired by the Disney+ live-action series The Mandalorian, this sweet 11 inch Star Wars plush toy will capture the hearts of Star Wars fans everywhere at just $25.

Mario Kart die-cast toys now have a Hot Wheels track of their own called Bowser’s Castle Chaos. You can race two karts side by side and the first to go around 6 times wins which is recorded by flags that go down with each lap you complete.

Action Hero series track is made for younger racers that don’t necessarily want to build a track. Sky Crash Tower features the most powerful booster ever built, shooting the cars straight up vertical into an inverted loop. You can run multiple cars for extra fun since it all about smash ’em up and bash ’em up. This set folds up and features storage and retails for $50 which is a steal.

Pixar is celebrating its 25th anniversary of the very first Toy Story. Since then they have made 21 films. These 7-inch figures of the most recognizable Pixar characters are a must-have and with new movies coming out such as Onward featuring Chris Pratt and Tom Holland and Soul featuring Jamie Fox and Tina Fey, these will also be great to add to your collection

The Spotlight series is being introduced for collector fans and is being introduced with Buzz Lightyear. You can easily take him out of the box, display, change out his face and hands and still able to keep the box intact.

The Alien remix is brilliant, circling around the different Pixar characters and introducing a fun take on our favorite aliens.

Bringing dinosaurs to life with new features in 2020, the Jurassic line is bigger and better. The Primal Attack feature allows you to control the actions of your dinosaurs. There is a fun storytelling behind the variety of dinosaurs offered in this line that have different movements and sounds. The iconic T-Rex comes to life with its chomping and epic roar.

With the Top Gun sequel coming out this summer, 4 different lines are coming. The Sky Busters features 13 planes from the original movie and sequel, An aircraft carrier playset acting as a storage bin and carrying case with handle, a 5 pack Matchbox set with 4 vehicles and a jet, and last the Sky Slammer to set your jets into the air.

Barbie is introducing the most diverse dolls that includes tons of new characters as well as an inspiring women line.

WWE is stepping it up with a massive Mattel action figure set called the WWE Elite Collections that also features the infamous Slambulance.

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