Totally Killer – Movie Review

Totally Killer will be on Prime Video on October 5th.

“Totally Killer,” directed by Nahnatchka Khan, is the perfect way to kick off Spooky Season. It is a flick for all fans of horror, nostalgia, and a healthy dose of humor. This Prime Video film combines the thrills of a Halloween slasher flick with the time-travel twist reminiscent of “Back to the Future,” creating a unique and entertaining viewing experience. Watch on Prime Video.

The film’s premise centers around the return of the infamous “Sweet Sixteen Killer” on Halloween night, seeking a fourth victim. Seventeen-year-old Jamie, portrayed brilliantly by Kiernan Shipka, finds herself face-to-face with the masked maniac. In a desperate attempt to escape, she inadvertently travels back to 1987, the year of the original killings. This sets the stage for a wild journey as Jamie must adapt to the outrageous 1980s culture and join forces with her teen mom, played by Olivia Holt, to take down the killer and find her way back to the present.

“Totally Killer” is an unabashedly meta film.

It pays homage to classic horror while adding a fresh and inventive twist with its time-travel element. The result is a thrilling and comedic rollercoaster ride that keeps viewers engaged from start to finish. The film cleverly blends elements of the slasher genre with time travel, resulting in a story that feels both familiar and refreshingly unique.

Kiernan Shipka holding a baseball bat in Totally Killer.

Kiernan Shipka, known for her role as Sabrina in “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” delivers an outstanding performance as Jamie. She captures the essence of a determined, resourceful teenager thrust into a bizarre time warp. Olivia Holt is equally impressive as her teen mom, providing a dynamic and relatable mother-daughter duo. The ensemble cast, featuring Charlie Gillespie, Lochlyn Munro, Troy Leigh-Anne Johnson, Liana Liberato, Kelcey Mawema, and others, adds depth and charm to the film. Randall Park and Julie Bowen make memorable appearances, adding star power to the mix.

One of the standout aspects of “Totally Killer” is its humor. The film expertly weaves in ’80s references, culture, and nostalgia, providing ample comedic moments that leave audiences laughing and cheering for Jamie and her mom. While “Totally Killer” is a fantastic standalone film, its world and characters are so compelling that one can’t help but wish it was a series. The potential for more adventures in this unique blend of horror and time travel is tantalizing.


I give Totally Killer 4 out of 5 stars. It is a must-watch for horror enthusiasts and anyone looking for a fun and thrilling cinematic experience. With its stellar cast, clever premise, and hilarious humor, it successfully combines the best elements of the ’80s and modern cinema to deliver an unforgettable Halloween treat. Don’t miss this killer ride into the past! Read more Reviews on Nerdtropolis and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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