THOR: Lightning and Lament One Shot Releasing For 60th Anniversary

An epic THOR one-shot is coming this June.

THOR: Lightning and Lament To Be Released In Time For 60th Anniversary

From comic greats Ralph Macchio and Todd Nauck comes THOR: LIGHTNING AND LAMENT #1. It is an extraordinary one-shot brimming with an adventure worthy of the God of Thunder! This issue will be a perfect entry point to the Thor mythos and its iconic characters just in time for the 60th anniversary. Packed with fresh insights into Thor, Loki, and Odin’s intense and dramatic family dynamic, this unpredictable story will thrill new and longtime fans alike!


The Mighty Thor has abandoned Asgard in her greatest hour of need. He leaves the Realm Eternal in the hands of his half-brother Loki in the absence of its rightful ruler, Odin. With Asgard under assault by legions of trolls and the Lady Sif hovering near death due to a possibly fatal wound suffered in battle, can anyone save the Golden City from annihilation?

THOR: LIGHTNING AND LAMENT #1 hits Bedrock City on June 29th.

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