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The Simpsons Announce Marvel Themed Short For Disney+

The Simpsons: The Good, The Bard, and The Loki premiering July 7th

Disney+ announced The Simpsons short called The Good, The Bart, and The Loki. It is a new Marvel-themed short from “premiering Wednesday, July 7. Tom Hiddleston returns as the voice of Loki. This is the second in a series of Disney+ Simpsons shorts featuring popular franchises. The previously released Star Wars-themed short “Maggie Simpson in ‘The Force Awakens from Its Nap’” is now streaming on Disney+.


Loki is banished from Asgard once again and must face his toughest opponents yet: the Simpsons and Springfield’s mightiest heroes. The God of Mischief teams up with Bart Simpson in the ultimate crossover event paying tribute to the Marvel Cinematic Universe of Super Heroes and villains.

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