The Search For Planet X – Board Game Review

In The Search For Planet X plan, scan, and theorize to find a new planet at the edge of our solar system

The Search For Planet X Review

If you ever find yourself staring at the night sky and wondering what lies beyond view, I might have a game for you. Search for Planet X is a logical deduction game for one to four players by Foxtrot Games. In Search for Planet X, you take on the role of an astronomer as you search the night sky for astral bodies. Every turn, you learn a little bit more about what hangs above. Somewhere up there is the mysterious Planet X. Can you be the first astronomer to find it?

How to play

To play The Search for Planet X, each player will need a phone or tablet, a pencil, a screen, and a note sheet with the symbol that matches the side of the board they are on. One player will start a game on the free Planet X companion app and share the join code with the other players. Once everyone is in, you can select difficulty and enter what side of the board you are on. Each player will then be given a set of information that only they know about the objects in the night sky. Players then take actions in turn order. Some actions take longer and move you more spaces. It is possible to go twice in a row if you’re far enough behind.

On your turn, you can Survey sectors for a specific object, Target a sector to learn its contents, Research a topic to learn how objects relate, or Search for Planet X

You can only survey or target sectors that are in the visible night sky, which are constantly changing based on player locations. Using the information you gather, you can infer the locations of objects in space. Once you think you know where Planet X is AND what objects lie next to it, you can Search for Planet X. Enter your guesses into the app and see if you’re as smart as you think you are. If you are right, you get bonus points and trigger the end of the game. Once everyone is done with the last turn, tally up the VP you’ve earned through your theories. The highest VP is the top researcher and will go down in history as the one who found Planet X.

The Search For Planet  X Box

This is a beautiful game with a beautiful theme. The components are wonderful (I recommend the deluxe components), and the app is very user-friendly and well made. It is a very fun spin on traditional deduction games, like CLUE or Mysterium. This game really ECLIPSES the competition. I recommend this game to anyone who loves space or science.

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