The Re-Education Of Molly Singer – Movie Review

The Re-Education Of Molly Singer is now in theaters and available on Digital & OnDemand.

“The Re-Education of Molly Singer” is a rollicking rollercoaster of raunchy comedy that packs a punch from start to finish. Directed by Andy Palmer, this Rated R gem takes us on a hilarious journey through the tumultuous world of college life, with a twist of redemption that adds heart to the raucous laughter.

The film’s premise centers around Molly Singer, played by Britt Robertson. She is a hard-partying attorney desperately trying to salvage her job by reenrolling in her old alma mater. Her mission? Befriend her boss’s socially awkward son and turn him from a zero into a campus hero. A riotous quest ensues with hijinks, chaos, and laugh-out-loud moments that will leave you gasping for air.

Britt Robertson’s performance in the lead role is nothing short of fearless and hilarious.

She effortlessly navigates the tricky terrain of raunchy humor while infusing her character with genuine heart and charm. You can’t help but root for Molly Singer, even as she navigates through a maze of stuck-up hall monitors, boozed-up frat brothers, and old rivalries. Robertson’s comedic timing is impeccable, and her energy is infectious. The chemistry between Robertson and Nico Santo, who plays the socially awkward son, is off the charts. Their on-screen dynamic crackles with electricity, and their banter is a comedic delight. It’s a testament to their talent that they can turn what could have been a predictable plot into a laugh-out-loud experience.

But the hilarity doesn’t stop there.

The rest of the cast, including Ty Simpkins and Jaime Pressly, adds depth and flavor to the film. Each character brings their unique brand of comedy to the table, and their interactions with Molly Singer result in memorable moments that will have you quoting lines long after the credits roll. “The Re-Education of Molly Singer” is a hidden gem for fans of Rated R comedies. It fearlessly embraces its irreverent humor and unapologetically delivers belly laughs. This film is a must-see in a year with a resurgence of raunchy comedies. It joins the ranks of other recent releases like “Joy Ride” and “No Hard Feelings,” reminding us why we fell in love with this genre in the first place.


I give “The Re-Education of Molly Singer” 3 out of 5 stars. It is a wild and uproarious comedy that brings Rated R humor back to the forefront. The impeccable chemistry, and a barrage of laughs, this film will make for an enjoyable movie night at home. Grab your popcorn, prepare to laugh till it hurts, and enjoy this raunchy ride through the past to save Molly Singer’s future. As a bonus, watch for surprise appearances by Paul Soter from Broken Lizard and Carlos Alazraqui.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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