The Oregon Trail For Nintendo Switch – Video Game Review

The Oregon Trail has been updated for the ultimate nostalgic experience.

Who did not grow up playing The Oregon Trail at school? Those were some fond memories of our childhood. It is a series of educational computer games that was created in 1971. Its purpose was to teach students about the 19th-century pioneer life on the Oregon Trail. The computer game gained extreme popularity nationwide in schools from the 1980s to the mid-2000s. It made dysentery a household name. A mobile phone version that was introduced a few years ago, now available and remastered with updates for the Nintendo Switch.


In The Oregon Trail, players are put at the center of all the trials and tribulations of the journey westward. They must stock their wagon, choose their traveling party, and make sure they all arrive safely in Oregon by making tough choices in dangerous and unexpected situations. Players will also learn the real history behind the trail, including the Native American experience, which is a first in the franchise.

Finally, we have a fabulous remake of the iconic video game, The Oregon Trail. Kids from the 80s and 90s will feel so much nostalgia jumping back into a game that taught so much while entertaining. With a modern twist, this version will make you sit back and relax for hours as you discover historical facts, iconic locations, and lots of trivial trails. Additinally, for the first time, the game features Native American playable characters and stories. It celebrates the history and cultures of the People who first lived on this land and still live here today.

This is not the type of video game you complete within 48 hours. With 12 immersive journeys and side stories, you will be playing this game for months. The visuals, updated music, and graphics caption the time period you are trying to survive, thanks to Unreal Engine. The faithful recreation really draws you in with its freshness but still pays homage to the original.


I give The Oregon Trailer 4 out of 5 stars. Despite the annoying menu system, you will be hooked on this modern version for hours. In addition to Nintendo Switch, it is also available on PC. Read more Video Game news on Nerdtropolis. Subscribe to our YouTube.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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