The Nun 2 – Movie Review

The Nun 2 was a missed opportunity for the Conjuring Universe.

Sister Irene looking at a bunch of magazines that look like Valak in the Nun 2.

The Conjuring Universe has carved out its niche in horror cinema, delivering spine-tingling tales of supernatural terror. However, the much-anticipated follow-up to 2018’s “The Nun” sadly falls short of the eerie excellence that its predecessor established. “The Nun 2” returns to the dark and sinister world of Valak, the demonic force that haunts the cloisters of the Abbey of St. Carta in 1956 France. While the film had the potential to deepen the lore and deliver a terrifying experience, it ultimately underutilizes its main antagonist. It fails to deliver the thrills that horror fans crave.

This sequel takes place four years after the first film’s events.

It follows Sister Irene (played by Taissa Farmiga) confronting the malevolent Valak again. However, one of the most significant disappointments of this sequel is the lack of screen time given to Valak. The demonic nun, a standout character in the first installment, lurks in the shadows. Her presence is fleeting, and when she does appear, it lacks the sinister gravitas that made her so terrifying in the past. The biggest flaw of “The Nun 2” is its failure to deliver genuine scares.

The horror elements in this film are far too predictable, with jump scares that feel formulaic and uninspired. It’s as if the filmmakers relied on the same bag of tricks that have become tired tropes in the genre. Moreover, the film’s pacing is sluggish, with long stretches that drag on without building tension or suspense. At times, it felt like an exercise in patience rather than a gripping horror experience.

Perhaps the most significant letdown is the film’s inability to capitalize on its promising concept.

The idea of a demonic force infiltrating a sacred place like a convent is ripe with potential for psychological horror and unsettling imagery. Unfortunately, “The Nun 2” squanders this opportunity, opting for a more generic and uninspired approach to its storytelling. Another aspect that may disappoint horror fans is the film’s rating. Despite being part of a franchise known for intense and terrifying moments, “The Nun 2” often feels like it’s pulling its punches. The scares are watered down. Also overall, the atmosphere lacks the intensity that one would expect from a Rated R horror film.


I give The Nun 2 2.5 out of five stars. At times, I wanted to walk out of the theater. The film’s tedious pacing and lack of creativity bored and unsatisfied me. It failed to deliver on the promise of its concept, underutilizes its iconic antagonist, and lacks the genuine scares that should be the hallmark of this franchise. If you make it all the way through, stick around for a mid-credit scene.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

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