Thanksgiving – Movie Review

Thanksgiving carves its way into horror brilliance.

A pilgrim with a pitchfork in Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving, the latest slasher film from director Eli Roth, is a deliciously gruesome feast of suspense, surprises, and unforgettable kills that will carve its way into your nightmares. The film takes a twisted turn on the Thanksgiving holiday in Plymouth, Massachusetts, blending fabulous casting choices with a mix of familiar faces and rising stars.

One of the film’s standout features is its creative and gruesome kills. Roth, known for his penchant for horror, has returned to his roots with a sinister holiday mayhem worth thanks to. The kills are not just gore for the sake of gore. They are inventive and shocking and elevate the slasher genre with a festive twist to new heights. From the opening scene to the chilling climax, Thanksgiving delivers a relentless parade of terror that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

The casting choices are fabulous, with a mix of familiar faces and new talents.

Patrick Dempsey, widely recognized as McDreamy and the sexiest man alive, transitions seamlessly from his romantic roles to the horror genre. His performance is stellar, with a convincing regional Massachusetts accent that adds authenticity to the film. He is one of the standouts in this film.

Joining Dempsey are rising stars Nell Verlaque and Milo Manheim, both familiar faces from Disney+. Verlaque, an emerging Scream Queen, shines in her role, bringing charisma and intensity to the screen. Her chemistry with Manheim, another Disney alum, adds an extra layer of charm to the film. Their performances contribute to the film’s overall appeal, making Thanksgiving a memorable experience for horror fans and newcomers alike.

Eli Roth’s decision to expand the faux Grindhouse trailer into a full-length feature pays off. The film delivers on the promise of holiday mayhem with a dark sense of humor and a relentless pace. Roth tackles the absurdity of Black Friday and societal madness, weaving it into the narrative with skillful execution. The result is a film that entertains and provides a satirical commentary on the chaos of the holiday season.


I give Thanksgiving 4 out of 5 stars, earning it a place among the great slasher flicks with a solid. It successfully blends suspense, surprises, and a touch of humor providing audiences with a holiday horror experience that is both thrilling and thought-provoking. Take advantage of this feast of terror in theaters starting November 17th. Read more Reviews on Nerdtropolis and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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