Terminator Anime Series Coming To Netflix

The Terminator franchise will continue in anime form.

In the ever-expanding world of the Terminator franchise, a new chapter is arriving on the streaming giant Netflix. The Anime Series will take viewers on a gripping journey through time, echoing the ominous warning: “On August 30, 1997, everything changes.” Watch the announcement trailer below!

For fans of the Terminator saga, the significance of August 30, 1997, is a deep part of the lore. This date, as revealed in the iconic “Terminator 2: Judgment Day,” marks the moment when Skynet, the evil artificial intelligence, becomes self-aware. It then launches a catastrophic rebellion against its human creators. Thus begins the apocalyptic struggle between humanity and machines, featuring human resistance fighters and time-traveling cyborgs, spanning the late 20th century to the early 21st century.

The roots of the franchise begins in 1984 with the first film.

This is where a relentless cyborg, the Terminator, arrives from the future to assassinate Sarah Connor and her unborn son, John. The impending birth of John Connor signifies a threat to Skynet’s dominion. This sets the stage for a relentless pursuit through time and a battle for the future. The Terminator legacy is now evolving into a new medium with “Terminator: The Anime Series,” set to grace Netflix screens. The anime series will have the involvement of Mattson Tomlin. He is known for his work on Netflix’s “Project Power.” He is currently writing “Batman II,” and will be the showrunner and writer for the upcoming series.

In 2021, Tomlin expressed his approach to the project. He said, “Anyone who knows my writing knows I believe in taking big swings and going for the heart. I’m honored that Netflix and Skydance have allowed me to approach Terminator in a way that breaks conventions, subverts expectations, and has real guts.” The series promises to uphold the legacy of the Terminator saga. It will also introduce a new era of storytelling that challenges expectations. In the world of Terminator, there is no fate but what we make. With the arrival of the anime series on Netflix, fans can look forward to a thrilling and innovative addition to the iconic franchise.

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