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Elon Musk is full of crazy ideas that he is capable of selling and the Cybertruck is the craziest yet. I was always impressed by the vehicles Tesla put out but none of them grabbed my attention until now. As the unveiling happened all I could think of was the movies Blade Runner & Back to the Future, and the video game Cyberpunk. The ’80s has collided with the future and have given us the Cybertruck.

Photo courtesy of Tesla Motors

I daily drive a Hummer H2, dreamed of having a DeLorean and planned on getting a Porsche 911 someday but now that has changed. The Cybertruck spoke to me and said “I’m unique and stupid cool looking with the performance and range built for the future.” It didn’t take long for me to jump onto the order page and put down my deposit to place my order for the Tri Motor AWD model with self-driving that is said to have a range of 500+ miles, towing capability of 14,000+ lbs and a 0-60 time of 2.9 seconds.

Photos courtesy of Tesla Motors

I went for the top model that starts at $69,900 but there is an introductory Single Motor RWD model that starts at $39,900 and a Dual Motor AWD model starting at $49,900. The Cybertruck is said to have better utility than a truck and more performance than a sports car. The exoskeleton is built with an exterior shell for ultimate durability and protection and has ultra-hard 30x rolled stainless structural skin and armored glass that still needs some tweaking.

It was about time a concept looking vehicle made its way onto the streets and I can’t wait to follow through with my order when production begins in 2020.

You can place your order on any Tesla model HERE

-SeanTaj, Mayor of Nerdtropolis

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