Swamp Thing To Get A Feature Film In The DCU

Swamp Thing live-action film announced by James Gunn.

Swamp Thing Live Action Movie DCU

During today’s DCU slate announcement, Swamp Thing was one of the last properties announced to be getting a feature film. James Gunn iterates it will be a dark horror story and tonally outside the DCU but will feed into the rest of the slate. This unique DC character can control every iota of plant life, from the fungus on stale bread to forests of towering oaks. He can grow himself a full array of titanic bodies from even the tiniest sprout of green.

Character Synopsis

Alec Holland was an idealistic scientist synthesizing a top-secret chemical in his hidden lab in the marshlands. But after a bomb in his office explodes, the young scientist is murdered. Or so it seems. Because rising in his place is the Swamp Thing, a creature made of vegetation that’s absorbed Alec Holland’s memories, personality—and grief.

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