Super Nintendo World Opening At Universal Studios Japan

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan opens in 2021

Universal Studios Japan will hold its grand opening of Super Nintendo World on February 4th 2021. They are bringing to life a highly themed and immersive land featuring Nintendo’s legendary worlds, characters and adventures. The grand opening will kick off the park’s year-long 20th Anniversary Celebration.

Aerial Super Nintendo World
Photo via Nintendo

Super Nintendo World will feature Mario Kart and Yoshi-themed rides and attractions. There will also be restaurants, shops and other experiences. The colorful and interactive area offers a new theme park experience that lets guests immerse themselves in the world by wearing a Power-Up Band, helping bring gameplay to life and allow guests to keep score. Guests with a Power-Up Band can also punch ? Blocks, collect virtual coins and more to bring the experience of playing Super Mario games to the real world.

The world’s first interactive Mario Kart theme park ride at Super Nintendo World will immerse guests into the worlds of Nintendo. Guests will race through the iconic courses of Mario Kart with their favorite Nintendo characters. They will be transported into the Nintendo worlds where they’re not just playing the game, they’re actually being immersed in the game. They will steer into the Mushroom Kingdom and throw shells as they race to the finish line with Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach! Win or lose, every race is a brand-new, life-sized Mario Kart experience.

Mario Kart - Super Nintendo World
Photo via Nintendo

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