Strange Darling – Movie Review

Strange Darling is a mind-bending rollercoaster of thrills and chills.

When it comes to thrilling cinema experiences, Strange Darling, directed by JT Mollner and starring the talented Kyle Gallner and Willa Fitzgerald, undoubtedly steals the show. I watched this gem at Fantastic Fest and it left me mesmerized and exhilarated with its non-linear narrative that generated suspense. Furthermore, this film features stunning 35mm cinematography and dramatizes true events. As of today, it stands as the best film I have seen so far during my time at the festival, and it sets a high standard.

The film is ingeniously split into six chapters.

Each chapter was presented in a non-chronological order. This narrative structure, often risky, works brilliantly in Strange Darling. It keeps the audience engaged and guessing. As the puzzle pieces fall into place, the suspense intensifies, and the payoffs are both satisfying and unexpected. What distinguishes Strange Darling from the typical thriller is its grounding, basing it on true events. This foundation adds an unsettling layer of realism to the unfolding events, making them all the more spine-tingling.

But not just the narrative and aesthetics make this film exceptional. Kyle Gallner and Willa Fitzgerald deliver stellar performances that keep you glued to your seat. Their chemistry on screen is electric, making every interaction a thrill. Strange Darling isn’t content with merely delivering thrills and chills; it also sprinkles in moments of humor that provide much-needed relief from the tension. These moments are expertly placed, allowing the audience to catch their breath before returning to the heart-pounding action.


I give Strange Darling 4 out of 5 stars. It is a cinematic tour de force that you should not miss. Its creative narrative structure, breathtaking cinematography, based-on-true-events premise, and outstanding performances by Kyle Gallner and Willa Fitzgerald make it a must-see for anyone craving a rollercoaster ride of emotions. So, watch for its theatrical release and get ready to be spellbound by this cinematic gem.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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