Star Wars Battlefront II – Revisiting The Xbox One Video Game

Star Wars Battlefront II is “free” on Game Pass Ultimate by way of EA Play

Star Wars Battlefront II was absolutely lambasted because of their Micro-Transactions and Crates, not because of their Game Play. Battlefront II is “free” with Game Pass Ultimate via EA Play. I took another look, and let me tell you, I liked what I saw. 

All the heroes in Star Wars Battlefront II are now free.

You don’t have to grind for one thousand hours to unlock every Sith, Jedi, Bounty Hunter, or Smuggler. The blaster sounds, music, and ships are dope, and Dice brought back the droid army-which we all love. Playing a Droideka is always a great time rolling in, putting up a shield, and blasting tens of opponents away at rapid-fire before getting beat down by Yoda never ceases to be a thrilling experience. Playing on Crait is the second most fun I’ve ever had in a Battlefront game. The first being spaceship assaults in the first Battlefront II. You’ll remember Crait as the salt plains planet with the red dust from the least terrible of the newest Star Wars movies. Oh yeah, Battlefront 2 has a cool option that allows party members to launch the game if your host is taking a smoke or bathroom break.

Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II has unintuitive menus for unlocking weapons forcing players into a menu within a menu to unlock a crate to unlock the weapon you completed the prerequisites for, instead of just completing the prerequisites and the gun appearing in your inventory. Most character classes are terrible until you get some upgrades under your belt. Currently, double experience rates are live so hopefully, it won’t take most of us, new players, very long to catch up.

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