Splendor – Strategy Board Game Review

Splendor is a real gem of a game


Splendor is a fun, accessible, and affordable board game for two to four players. Splendor is a VP (victory point) and resource management game. You can find Splendor most anywhere board games are sold, and it even has an expansion. It is fun for the whole family and it only takes about 30 mins.

Splendor Gameplay

Setup is easy and only takes a few minutes, and with two pages of notes, you can get right to the meat of the game. The play area consists of three rows of Development Cards and several Nobles, decided by the number of players. Each player then takes their turn by using one of three actions. You can take gem tokens, reserve a development card, or buy a development card. The latter is the primary means to accumulate VP. At the end of your turn, you check to see if you have qualified to receive a visit from a noble for added VP. The first person to achieve the VP goal is the winner!


Splendor has become one of my absolute favorite board games. The gameplay is easy to teach and works well with two to four players. Splendor’s box is very well organized, and it has incredibly high-quality components including solid poker chips that feel great in-hand. This board game is an all-around great game, and at $40, it’s an excellent value. I rate this one a must-buy.

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