Spider-Man 60th Anniversary Unites Comic Creators

Incredible comic creators are uniting to celebrate Spider-Man’s 60th Anniversary.

Comic Creators at Marvel are uniting for the 60th Spider-Man Anniversary in Amazing Fantasy 1,000. Neil Gaiman, Jonathan Hickman, Dan Slott, Steve McNiven, and more will offer their talents for this issue. Sixty years ago, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko introduced the world to Spider-Man in the historic AMAZING FANTASY #15! Over the six decades, Peter Parker has inspired millions of fans and secured his spot as one of the most iconic fictional characters. This issue will be a collection of stories that explores the past, present, and future of Amazing Spider-Man storytelling and showcases why Spidey is one of the most beloved heroes in history.

What you can expect from Amazing Fantasy #1000:

  • Visionary writer Neil Gaiman and artist Steve McNiven tell a touching tale about how Spidey inspired a young fan
  • Emmy Award-winning creator behind Veep and Avenue 5 Armando Iannucci makes his Marvel Comics debut. Ryan Stegman will also join him in a story about a strange Spidey conspiracy!
  • Spider-Man mastermind Dan Slott and superstar artist Jim Cheung team up. They will explore the enduring love between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson in a story set in the far future
  • Acclaimed artist Michael Cho and novelist Anthony Falcone craft a powerful story that explores the very root of Peter Parker’s heroism
  • Ho Che Anderson and Giuseppe Camuncoli deliver thrills and chills in a horror-fueled Spidey adventure that cuts to Peter Parker’s core
  • Kurt Busiek, Terry Dodson, and Rachel Dodson introduce a new Spidey villainess—the WITCH-QUEEN!
  • Rainbow Rowell and Olivier Coipel spotlight the average day of Peter Parker’s hectic job as a Daily Bugle photographer
  • Jonathan Hickman and Marco Checchetto take readers on an inter-dimensional journey across the Spider-Verse and beyond!
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