Spellbreak – Video Game Review

Is Spellbreak Good?

Nah. And it’s not even because Spellbreak is bad, because it’s not! It might even be decent, but why would anyone play Spellbreak in a world where Fortnite, Apex, and Call of Duty Warzone are free? Maybe it’s because the other games have guns and your parents won’t let you play? Spellbreak is another Battle Royale where you’ll dive in from the sky, stay away from the storm, loot armor and weapons, passive cooldown potions, and speed boots- except this time the weapons are elemental gauntlets instead of guns.

What does Spellbreak do right?

It is free, which is literally the only playable price for this game. The mechanic that makes Spellbreak better than bad is leveling up. As you enter the new ring, while avoiding the encroaching storm, your Gauntlets will gain passive abilities like damage, more charges, and larger AOEs (Areas of Effect). Spellbreak gauntlet powers combo with other gauntlet powers; Mixing fire and wind gauntlets will give you the power to create fire tornados, poison and ice allow you to make huge frozen piles of nastiness. Ever since the Colossus Wolverine Fastball Special, we all know that combo skills are dope, great work Spellbreak team!

What does Spellbreak do wrong?

Playing Spellbreak literally made me go download Apex. In Apex I’ve got champion abilities, more guns, more maps, doors that can be opened and destroyed, interactive map objectives, a pretty decent physics engine, skins, emotes, and assassinations. Spellbreak feels exactly like what it is- a free kid friendly battle royale, without the cheese. The game is missing everything that makes Apex and Call of Duty fun.

Spellbreak Video Game Review
Should you buy it?

I can’t believe I’m saying this because it’s free on GamePass, but no. If you’re looking for a new Battle Royale play Apex or Call of Duty. Spellbreak does some things right, it’s not a piece of crap, but it certainly isn’t anything to write home about. Just keep your Xbox free of the memory.

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