Slay the Spire – Video Game Review

Is Slay The Spire Good?

Of course it is. Let me be very clear out of the gate here, I am not a card game guy. I never played magic, Yu-gi-oh, or Pokemon. Slay the Spire is AWESOME. Slay the Spire is a single player game and very different from what I usually sink my time into but I have no regrets. It was nice to branch out to a new genre, especially something that gives the genre so much love and respect. Slay the Spire paves the way for a thousand more “Rougelike Deck builders” and I couldn’t be more excited for them to get ripped off. GIVE ME MORE!

What is does well.

Slay the Spire saves your current progress down to the cards currently in your hand when you quit for the night so you can pick right back up tomorrow. You have 4 character/classes to choose from, giving you access to a whole set of different cards and strategies for every character. As you play the characters you will unlock more class cards and more RELICS for you next playthrough. Relics are passive buffs that keep the game fresh and interesting. Since Slay the Spire is a “Roguelike Deck builder” you fight different bosses, and monsters. You’ll come across different “?” rooms every time you play. Just when you think you’re getting good you unlock new cards for your next playthrough complicating your strategies further. The game continues to change, grow, and challenge as I continue to dump hours of my time into it. This is a great game to Spotify some music into, have a conversation during, get up to make dinner, put your kids to bed- not every game needs to fuel unyielding adrenaline for hours on end.

What it does poorly.

You will die. You will die again and again and again. Don’t get discouraged, you didn’t lose because you’re bad, you lost because it’s a roguelike. You lost because you never had the chance to get a decent card into your deck, you lost because you didn’t get to rest between fights- it happens. Keep your head up and look forward to your next round. The music in Slay the Spire is terribly repetitive, or I put too many hours in… Both are totally possible. Get the Spotify App on your Xbox, I shouldn’t even have to tell you that. You should have it already. The Spotify for Xbox integration go hard.

Slay the Spire is FREE on Xbox Game Pass and I definitely recommend it.

This game is also available on all video game platforms.

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