Should Battleborn Be Saved?

The Worst Way To Bill Battleborn Is As The Overwatch Killer

Battleborn was a labor of love with lots of great ideas but it missed the mark. It was apparently canned in November of 2019, in February of 2020, it was removed from the Microsoft Store. Battleborn is a champion shooter, a first-person shooter, a looter shooter, and a minion wave defense game- at times. If you still have Battleborn, play and play and play now. Stream it, make history, clip it- because in January 2021 the servers come down for good.


Battleborn has a 5 player cooperative multiplayer campaign, which is honestly more fun and more intriguing than the game or story of Borderlands 3. While you’re skill spamming and using your infinite ammo to rip effortlessly through waves of nasty boys, you’ll collect gear ranging from white-green-blue-purple-orange and use that gear in up to 3 custom load-outs. Gear can be activated by using money found on the map then pressing left on the D-Pad. That same cash money can be used to build turrets, spawn support drones, or even buff other map objectives.

Versus Mode

The Versus Public mode of Battleborn is what everyone signed up for. It’s definitely not $60 of fun whereas Overwatch easily was- until the whole Hong Kong thing. Battleborn’s versus mode is FPS MOBA and your objective is defending turrets while pushing creep waves while you try not to get flanked, tanked, or spanked. The map’s designs are pretty terrible, the hitboxes are sloppy, and matchmaking and skill level are all over the place.

Battleborn Overview
Final Thoughts

Battleborn commands a respectable roster of 30 characters with 0 more planned on account of the confirmed death sentence coming in January. Gearbox took a risk trying to make an arena shooter but might have looked to League of Legends for too much inspiration. Battleborn and Gearbox don’t deserve this death sentence. I would love to see a second wave of last-second fans streaming, clipping, watching streams, tweeting -whatever it is you kids do these days- Battleborn is a perfect candidate for an XboxGamePass game, can we save it?

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