San Diego Comic-Con: 2023 Recap

A first-time experience at San Diego Comic-Con.

San Diego Comic-Con, or SDCC, is globally recognized as the ultimate destination for pop culture and fandom enthusiasts. It’s a dream come true for many people to attend this event. I was fortunate to experience the whirlwind of excitement at SDCC for the first time. It was truly overwhelming, thrilling, and enjoyable. I am grateful for the invitation to cover this event as a member of the press.

A learning experience attending for the first time.

As soon as I entered the convention center, I was greeted by a massive crowd of cosplayers and impressive displays. The scale of the event was truly amazing, and I found myself weaving my way through a labyrinth of booths, exhibits, and fervent fans. Despite initially feeling overwhelmed, the excitement of SDCC only made the experience more exhilarating. The atmosphere was buzzing with contagious energy, and it was clear that everyone around me shared the same passion for their favorite franchises that I have for mine.

One of the highlights of my SDCC journey was the Hulu Animayhem, an event that celebrated all things Adult animation. Hulu showcased its commitment to these dedicated fandoms with an immersive experience. We were transported into the second dimension to visit and interact with Solar Opposites, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers, Futurama, American Dad, and The Great North.

Hall H has been talked about for years.

A substantial highlight of my SDCC experience was being part of the HALL H panel, known for its legendary status. Being a huge fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I was thrilled when they screened the first 20 minutes of “Mutant Mayhem.” Meeting TMNT Co-Creator Kevin Eastman was a surreal experience I will always treasure. His passion and love for the iconic turtles were contagious, and it was an honor to hear him share his experiences and insights.

Kevin Smith’s Mooby’s takes over Comic-Con.

One of the most notable moments was seeing a live recording of “Fatman Beyond,” hosted by the charming Kevin Smith and insightful Marc Bernardin. Their comical conversations and honest talks about popular culture were highly amusing, creating an entertaining time for all those in the audience and watching from home.

The list of cherished memories doesn’t end there. I had the privilege of interviewing Todd McFarlane, the visionary founder of Image Comics and the creative genius behind Spawn. Talking to him about his journey and seeing his enthusiasm for the medium of comics and running a successful business inspired and humbled me.

Despite being a joyful celebration of all things entertaining and imaginative, SDCC had its fair share of poignant moments. The “Legend of the White Dragon” panel was a bittersweet experience, especially given the recent passing of Jason David Frank. The atmosphere was a mix of sorrow and appreciation as fans united to pay tribute to the enduring legacy of a beloved actor and his iconic character.

Photo by Kevin Paul. See more photos at www.instagram.com/kevsayson/

My initial visit to San Diego Comic-Con was an exhilarating, inspiring, and enjoyable experience. I was captivated by the amazing displays and events, and each moment was etched in my memory. SDCC is a unique gathering that caters to all enthusiasts. It allows them to indulge in their passions and connect with others who share their love for pop culture. As I said goodbye to the convention center, I departed with souvenirs, signatures, and a collection of treasured memories that will keep me eagerly anticipating my next SDCC adventure. I am looking forward to my next trek to the mecca of pop culture.

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