Rogue Company – Video Game Review

Rogue Company is free to play

With so many free to play games it can be hard to sort through the filth and find some of the more decent titles. There’s something about the third person shooter Rogue Company, that keeps me coming back.

What does Rogue Company do well?

Rogue Company, “ROCO” as they call themselves, is a very good looking game, especially for a free game. For those of you looking for up to date booty graphics, Rogue Company has tighter pants than Major League Baseball. The mixed thud/tink of the baseball bat makes me laugh every time I clobber someone and sending a katana soaring fifty feet through the air into a bad guy’s chest is absolutely riveting.

Add on the dancing and ease of tea bagging your opponents and you’ll learn real fast ROCO isn’t like other shooters. In Rogue Company there is hardly any honor amongst gamers and the third-person view rewards you for being a corner camping tool. All of this makes for a shooter experience just a little different than why we’re all used to. ROCO has already added two new characters and a map designed by none other than Dr. Disrespect- a fitting game indeed.

What does Rogue Company do poorly?

Rogue Company has at least a new bug every week. Either Saint’s revive drone won’t deploy properly, Anvil’s shield ability won’t drop, or this week’s bug-Dahlia’s RB+LB ability goes entire games without functioning, rendering her half useless. All of my friends and I have had an ongoing issue with game background music going out until the game is reset back to the X Box menu. As previously mentioned, disrespect is rampant, I have to include it in both sections, but honestly, I think it’s hilarious.

Should I play it?

Yes absolutely! Rogue Company is free to play, so you have nothing to lose and it’s on multiple platforms. You can catch me on Xbox, as usual, tearing people up with Anvil, Also available to play on Xbox, PC, PlayStation, and Switch.

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