Red Notice – Movie Review

The highly anticipated Red Notice is out on Netflix today.

Red Notice is finally streaming on Netflix. It stars DC Super-stars, Black Adam, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern. This is the first time Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot have teamed up which makes this Netflix’s highest budgeted film.

Red Notice Movie Review


Red Notice is a heist movie, meets buddy cop, meets treasure hunt. The movie is about an FBI detective played by The Rock, who assists Interpol in capturing the world’s greatest thief, played by Ryan Reynolds. However, a turn of events forces the burglar and the agent to work together to steal or find all 3 of Cleopatra’s treasured eggs. With Interpol on their tail and a rival thief played by Gal Gadot thwarting them at every turn, these two will have to work as a team to clear their names.

Red Notice has beautiful scenery, plenty of action, and a cast of fan favorites. You would think A-List Stars and a Netflix budget would be a recipe for success, but unfortunately, this movie was lacking. It is as cliché as it gets. There is not much in this movie you haven’t seen before. You can count on Ryan Reynolds making jabs and pop culture references at the straight-laced, brooding Dwayne Johnson all throughout the film. This movie delivers explosions, gunfights, twists, torture, and everything else you would expect in a film like this. Sadly this movie was riddled with predictable writing and impossibly cheesy action sequences that took this film down a peg. Neither of the actors seems to give a memorable performance and won’t be getting any awards. It’s not their worst films, but not worthy of their casting.


I ultimately give Red Notice a 6 out of 10. It was saved only by the ending, which really only had one possible outcome: a sequel. If you like these kinds of films, you should watch it, but don’t cancel plans for it.

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