Reacher – Season 2 Trailer

Alan Ritchson returns to investigate murders in Season 2 of Reacher on Prime Video.

Fans of the action-packed series Reacher can mark their calendars for December 15th. That is when the anticipated Season Two will debut on Prime Video. Alan Ritchson reprises his role as Jack Reacher. He is the formidable veteran military police investigator in a gripping narrative that promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Watch the trailer below and read our Season 1 Review.

The season kicks off with a mysterious and chilling premise.

Reacher, the nomadic protagonist of Lee Child’s best-selling series, is drawn back into the world of military intrigue. In this new season, he receives a coded message informing him of the gruesome murders of his former comrades from the elite U.S. Army unit, the 110th MP Special Investigations. These murders shrouded in mystery and brutality, catalyze Reacher’s return from his vagabond life.

Reacher is not alone in his quest to uncover the truth behind these heinous crimes. He reunites with three former military colleagues, forming an unbreakable bond, often described as a chosen family. The team includes the resourceful Frances Neagley, played by Maria Sten, and the brilliant forensic accountant Karla Dixon, portrayed by Serinda Swan. Additionally, the fast-talking and switchblade-wielding David O’Donnell, played by Shaun Sipos, adds a unique dynamic to the group. As the investigation unfolds, it becomes apparent that this case is far more complex and dangerous than anyone could have foreseen. The stakes continually escalate, and questions of betrayal loom large. It’s a race against time to unravel the enigma and protect the remaining members of the 110th unit.

Alan Ritchson embodies the role of Jack Reacher with charisma and intensity. He combines his smarts and physical prowess to tackle the mystery head-on. The cast also features Ferdinand Kingsley as the mercenary A.M., Robert Patrick as Shane Langston, head of security for a dubious private defense contractor, and Domenick Lombardozzi as the NYPD detective Guy Russo.

“Reacher” Season Two is based on Lee Child’s 11th book, “Bad Luck and Trouble.” It promises a riveting narrative that will leave fans eagerly anticipating each new episode. Watch more Trailers and Subscribe to our YouTube.

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