Rainbow Six Siege – Video Game Review

Is Rainbow Six Siege Good?

Yes! Rainbow Six Siege is great! After years of Halo, Call of Duty, and Battlefield games, it felt like I had played them all. It felt like the genre didn’t have much to offer besides skins and new guns, new maps and updated graphics. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

What does Rainbow 6 Siege do right?

It’s a “Champion Shooter”, that means each character has different abilities to help their team win in tactical objective round based combat. You’ll be hit with the classics like hostage rescue, defend the biohazard area, and defuse the bomb- which actually works in the opposite than traditional way. Bombs are set and the attacking team moves in to defuse, which makes way more sense if you think about. In Counter-Strike why were the Counter Terrorists already defending bomb sites? Did the terrorists let them know ahead of time that they were coming to plant in one of only two Counter-terrorist approved bomb sites?

Rainbow 6 Siege lets you blow up and shoot through walls, scale up buildings, pats you on the back for camping, but GREATLY rewards you for flanking. You can build barricades over any door and any window in the building, thin walls can be reinforced to make invaders rethink their strategies. Rainbow 6 Siege has 20+ different champions each with their own unique ability, many with unique weapons then mixed and matched grenade loadouts giving you the replayability so many video games lack. While the defending team sets up base defenses the attacking team drives RC cars into the base to locate the objective- yes the objective moves round by round. Finally, even when you die you can continue to contribute to your team by controlling cameras and tagging approaching enemies.

What does Rainbow 6 Siege do poorly?

Initially there was a car alarm on the main screen. I know this doesn’t seem like a lot, but every time you go to matchmaking between rounds a car alarm screaming in your face is a bucket of hot trash. This was seemingly rectified so my complaints have to dig deeper.

The Matchmaking can be pretty sloppy, I’ve sat in lobbies for over five minutes multiple times and back to back waiting to find a match, yeah sometimes fifteen minutes go by just looking and waiting for a game, but at least we got rid of that pesky fifteen minute long car alarm. The Newcomer mode is littered with veteran players, Smurfs, who slap around noobs because they aren’t good enough to compete at their own level of play. Smurfs are a combination of trash folk and internet bullies who pick on noobs that are just trying to learn and level. But that’s broadly a complaint about any online game these days- we live in an age of Smurf.

Rainbow Six Seige Video Game Review
Photo courtesy of Ubisoft
Should you buy it?

Yes you should buy it! Rainbow 6 Siege is a masterpiece, the best FPS of a decade.

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