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Quiz Lady helds its premiere at 48th Toronto International Film Festival.

“Quiz Lady” is a delightful comedy that offers laughs and heartwarming moments. It is a must-watch film for fans of Awkwafina and those who appreciate a quirky family adventure. The film will premiere exclusively on Hulu on November 3, 2023, starring alongside Awkwafina is Sandra Oh, and a star-studded cast.

Awkwafina shines as Anne, a gameshow-obsessed young woman whose life takes a wild turn when she joins forces with her estranged train-wreck of a sister, Jenny, played by the versatile Sandra Oh. The plot centers around their mission to cover their mother’s gambling debts, leading to a zany cross-country adventure to secure the necessary funds. What sets this comedy apart is their unique plan: transforming Anne into a gameshow champion to win the prize money. Awkwafina’s performance is truly fantastic, capturing Anne’s quirks and obsessions in a relatable and endearing way.

Sandra Oh, known for her remarkable career, takes on an unusual and funny role in the film.

Her character might seem a bit odd at first, but as the story unfolds, you can’t help but appreciate the depth and humor she brings to Jenny. The film introduces a Jeopardy-esque game show hosted by a charismatic Will Ferrell, reminiscent of the iconic Alex Trebek. This adds a layer of hilarity and excitement to the narrative, making it even more enjoyable for game show enthusiasts.

“Quiz Lady” is more than just a comedy; it’s a heartfelt exploration of family dynamics and the lessons that come with it. While you chuckle your way through the film, you’ll also find yourself connecting with the characters and their struggles. The supporting cast, including Jason Schwartzman and Holland Taylor, delivers solid performances that complement the leads. However, it’s Tony Hale’s portrayal of Ben Franklin that truly steals the show with his fantastic comedic timing and wit.


I give “Quiz Lady” 3.5 out of 5 stars. It is a movie that offers a delightful mix of humor, heart, and a dash of family dysfunction. Awkwafina’s standout performance, Sandra Oh’s quirky charm, and the captivating game show element make this film a solid watch. Even if you’re not an Awkwafina fan, you should give this movie a shot, as it’s a genuinely entertaining and memorable comedy that will leave you smiling from the comfort of your couch.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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