Orson Oblowitz Talks “Showdown At The Grand” Starring Terrance Howard And Dolph Lundgren

Orson Oblowitz’ “Showdown at the Grand” is now available on Digital.

In the realm where art imitates life, writer and director Orson Oblowitz unveils his latest creation, “Showdown at the Grand,” a thrilling action comedy set to hit cinemas and on-demand platforms. The film stars Academy Award nominee Terrence Howard alongside the iconic John Savage, Piper Curda, Amanda Righetti, and Dolph Lundgren. Watch my interview with Oblowitz below!

Oblowitz was born into a family deeply rooted in filmmaking in New York City. His journey into cinema began early, fueled by a lifelong passion for art and film. Orson’s directorial debut, the gritty neo-noir “The Queen Of Hollywood Blvd,” delved into the violent underbelly of Los Angeles. It featured performances from his own mother, Michael Parks, and Roger Guinevere Smith. Following this, he ventured into the intense home invasion territory with “Trespassers,” starring Angela Trimbur, Fairuza Balk, and Janel Parrish. His third film, “The Five Rules of Success,” made waves at the Fantasia Film Festival.

Oblowitz’s unique perspective on storytelling and cinema has once again taken shape in his latest film.

Showdown at the Grand follows the journey of George Fuller, played by Terrence Howard. He is a proud owner of a family-run movie theater. Faced with the threat of corporate developers, Fuller teams up with the legendary action star Claude Luc Hallyday, played by Dolph Lundgren, in a cinematic clash that mirrors the struggles of small businesses against corporate giants. The star-studded cast features John Savage, Piper Curda, and Amanda Righetti. Lundgren, known for his roles in “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” and “The Expendables,” brings his iconic action talents to this film.

Beyond his filmmaking endeavors, Oblowitz is a skilled photographer whose work has transcended the realm of cinema. Notably, his documentation of the COVID-19 pandemic recently found a permanent home in the Smithsonian Museum of American History’s collection. As “Showdown at the Grand” promises to deliver a blend of action and comedy, audiences can anticipate an entertaining ride that reflects Oblowitz’s distinct cinematic voice. The film pays homage to the genre’s traditions and showcases the resilience of those fighting against the forces threatening their livelihoods. With its stellar cast and Oblowitz’s directorial finesse, “Showdown at the Grand” is poised to captivate audiences when it opens in cinemas and on-demand platforms, inviting viewers into a world where laughter and action collide.

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