Disney Celebrates 100th Anniversary With Once Upon A Studio Short Film

Once Upon A Studio is now streaming on Disney+.

Moana and Flounder in Dinsey Once Upon A Studio.

Disney Animation’s storied history has reached a monumental milestone, as today marks Disney’s 100 anniversary. The festivities start with the debut of the all-new short film, “Once Upon A Studio,” now streaming. This heartwarming tribute takes viewers through a century of storytelling, artistry, and technological innovation defining Disney’s legacy. It is a visual feast featuring 543 characters from over 85 feature-length and short films. Watch the trailer below!

Heroes, villains, princes, princesses, sidekicks, and sorcerers all come together in a stunning blend of hand-drawn and CG animation. The iconic Mickey Mouse leads this emotional and joyful reunion of beloved characters, culminating in a group photo that captures the essence of Disney’s magic. This short film is written and directed by Dan Abraham and Trent Correy.

As the 100th anniversary celebration unfolds, it’s a perfect time to rediscover the enchantment, artistry, and innovation that have made Disney an integral part of our lives for the past hundred years. This remarkable journey is a testament to the enduring power of storytelling, reminding us that the greatest stories truly live forever.

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