No One Will Save You – Movie Trailer

No One Will Save You is an extraterrestrial thriller.

Lonely young woman under the bed hiding in No One Will Save You.

20th Century Studios’ has released a trailer for the upcoming Hulu film “No One Will Save You.” The film is a unique blend of sci-fi and psychological suspense, directed and written by Brian Duffield. It follows a lonely young woman, Brynn (Kaitlyn Dever), who finds herself at the center of an impending alien invasion. It is set to begin streaming on Hulu starting September 22, just in time for the Huluween season. Watch the trailer below!

Duffield’s previous work, “Spontaneous,” showcased his storytelling prowess, and “No One Will Save You” continues to demonstrate his ability to create compelling characters and narratives within the science fiction genre. With an alien invasion that challenges humanity’s existence, the film delves into themes of resilience and the unknown, offering viewers an exhilarating cinematic experience. As our world becomes increasingly unpredictable, “No One Will Save You” explores the desire for something greater than ourselves to intervene and set things right.

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