Night At The Museum: Kahmunrah Rises Again – Movie Trailer

Night at the Museum gets the animated treatment for Disney+.

Disney+ released the trailer for the Night at the Museum movie Kahmunrah Rises Again. The new films will follow Nick, the son of Larry Daley, who Ben Stiller played in the live-action trilogy. He is now grown up and the new night watchman. The cast features Joshua Bassett, Zachary Levi, Gillian Jacobs, Thomas Lennon, Joseph Kamal, Steve Zahn, Jack Whitehall, Kieran Sequoia, Alice Isaaz, and Jamie Demetriou. It will begin streaming on December 9th. Watch the trailer below!


The Original Movie is about the mischief that occurs every night at the American Museum of Natural History when the sun goes down. Nick Daley’s summer gig as a night watchman at the museum is challenging for a high school student. However, he is following in his father’s footsteps and is determined not to let him down. Luckily, he is familiar with the museum’s ancient tablet. The tablet brings everything to life when the sun goes down and Nick is happy to see his old friends, including Jedediah, Octavius, and Sacagawea, when he arrives. But when the maniacal ruler Kahmunrah escapes with plans to unlock the Egyptian underworld and free its Army of the Dead, it is up to Nick to stop the demented overlord and save the museum once and for all.

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