Namor Joins Black Panther In A Fight Against The Avengers

Namor and Black Panther will team up in January.

Black Panther and Namor

Namor and Black Panther will cross paths in a new upcoming issue. January’s BLACK PANTHER #13 will have them fight side-by-side. Writer John Ridley’s run on the title has removed T’Challa from the Avengers. He is exiled from Wakanda and on his own against a threat with deep ties to his past. Issue #13 will depict a heated battle between T’Challa and the Avengers, and when all seems lost, an unexpected ally arrives at the fray to stand at T’Challa’s side! ENTER NAMOR! The most bitter rivalry in Marvel Comics reaches a surprising turning point but will T’Challa accept Namor’s help or make him pay for the pain he’s inflicted on Wakanda in the past?

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