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|Movie Review| Uncut Gems (Spoiler Free)

Adam Sandler has always been a comedic genius and entertaining actor throughout a 33-year long career delivering dozens of hilarious movies with memorable quotes and scenes. Once in a blue moon, Sandler would hand us a serious movie to showcase his acting range such as 2002’s Punch, Drunk Love, which Sandler was nominated for a Golden Globe, 2007’s Reign Over Me with Don Cheadle and now Uncut Gems which is about a charismatic jeweler that makes a high-stakes bet that leads into the windfall of a lifetime where he must balance business, family, and adversaries on all sides in pursuit of the ultimate win.

This movie gave me anxiety the whole time as I did not know where it was taking. Despite all the drama, there is humor that is methodically placed throughout that makes light of how serious things really are. Sandler gives a great dramatic performance that could be his best to date and the addition of former NBA Champ Kevin Garnett who plays a big part in the plot absolutely did a great job and seemed to be a natural. Sitting at 2 hours and 15 minutes long you will definitely be kept extremely anxious the entire time.

I give ‘Uncut Gems’ a 7.9/10 and if you are a fan of tense and suspenseful movies then you will enjoy this one.

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