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|Movie Review| Toy Story 4 (Spoiler Free)

I just got out of Toy Story 4 and it’s another solid addition from Pixar. It was a wonderful experience seeing Woody, Buzz, and company on the big screen together again, but it isn’t the best out of the series. I was just 6 years old when the very first one came out and it got me hooked, so this movie definitely brought back a lot of childhood memories but I still keep the original close to my heart. 

The newest homemade toy Forky makes for a great imaginative addition, a lost Bo Peep shines as she takes charge right into the spotlight and Duke Caboom voiced by Keanu Reeves cashes in on the continued Keanu sensation. The movie has some great flashbacks to Andy but it is all about Bonnie. It does a great job sharing similar themes as it’s predecessors and it really doesn’t hit you hard in the feels until the very end which was a nice way to put an END to the Toy Story we all loved.

I give it 8/10 and recommend taking the whole family this weekend to watch what seems to be the final Toy Story movie. 

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