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|Movie Review| The Gentlemen (Spoiler Free)

The original plan was to see Doolittle. I wanted to see it just based on intrigue from the trailer and the fact that RDJ was the lead. I assumed my wife wanted to see it too, but when I suggested it she told me how terrible the reviews were. Change of plans. I was also very interested in The Gentlemen, but I wasn’t sure if my wife would be. I mentioned it hoping she’d say ‘yes’, and to my surprise that was the outcome.

I went in with moderate expectations, and I can say I walked away very impressed with a movie that vastly exceed expectations. It’s Guy Ritchie directing Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Grant, Colin Ferrell, and many other big names in a movie that seemed, from the trailers, to be along the lines of Ritchie’s spectacular classics Snatch and Lock, Stock.

McConaughey wonderfully portrays a marijuana drug lord (Mickey Pearson) trying to sell his business. However, the movie is truly stolen by Hugh Grant’s story-telling and antics as a private investigator (Fletcher) relaying his findings to Pearson’s right-hand-man, Ray (played by Charlie Hunnam).

The film has a great story, excellent action sequences, laugh-out-loud moments, and a sneaky twist. It’s a fun movie that I thoroughly enjoyed and will gladly recommend to everyone. That said, it certainly earns its R rating with violence and language, so it’s not for the kids. I give this movie an 8.5/10.

-Graham Schlanger, Nerdtropolis Contributor

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