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Sonic The Hedgehog will please fans

It’s a first to happen. A movie studio listening to fans and making changes to a movie. Sonic The Hedgehog terrified fans when the original trailer was first released with a not so recognizable iconic video game character from the ’90s. There was outrage on social media which got back to the movie’s director who addressed everyone’s concern by announcing that they would be redesigning Sonic for this movie and plan to satisfy fans.

Spoiler Free Movie Review


Based on the global blockbuster video-game franchise from Sega, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG tells the story of the world’s speediest hedgehog as he embraces his new home on Earth. In this live-action adventure comedy, Sonic and his new best friend Tom (James Marsden) team up to defend the planet from the evil genius Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey) and his plans for world domination. The family-friendly film also stars Tika Sumpter and Ben Schwartz as the voice of Sonic.

Sonic (Ben Schwartz) in SONIC THE HEDGEHOG from Paramount Pictures and Sega. Photo Credit: Courtesy Paramount Pictures and Sega of America.

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Sitting in the perfect spot in the theater, my inner 5-year old that grew up in the early 90s playing Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on Sega Genesis was super excited for a live-action Sonic The Hedgehog movie. As soon as the logo for Paramount Studios came on the screen, the iconic stars were replaced by Sonic’s rings, which instantly gave me the feeling of Nostalgia. The movie jumps right into telling the tale of how Sonic comes to earth and faces off with Doctor Robotnik. The redesign of Sonic looks amazing and all the CGI looks great. The slow-motion scenes to showcase Sonic’s speeds are reminiscent of Quicksilver in the X-Men movies and were a great way to add extra flair and fun.

The movie is filled with fun action and great humor that made me laugh out loud in the theater, which is rare for me to do. The pop culture references and jokes are written well and are delivered brilliantly by Sonic. Children and adults of all ages will really love this movie. Ben Schwartz as Sonic absolutely kills it and brings life to our beloved iconic Sega character and Jim Carrey was the perfect choice for an egotistically and manic genius. He brings a lot of physical humor to the role and commits to being Robotnik. James Marsden’s character worked for this installment and is charismatic as always, but I would like to see the sequel shift its focus onto more Sonic, his iconic friends and Dr. Robotnik.


I give Sonic the Hedgehog an 8.5/10 and can’t wait to drag all my friends and family to watch this movie to make sure it succeeds at the box office because it absolutely deserves to.

Stay for two scenes after the movie ends that you don’t want to miss that sets up a sequel that needs to happen ASAP!

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