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|Movie Review| My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising (Spoiler Free)

Class 1-A visits Nabu Island where they finally get to do real hero work. The place is so peaceful that it’s more like a vacation … until they’re attacked by a villain with an eerily familiar Quirk! Now, Deku and his friends are the island’s only hope.

I have been a huge fan of My Hero Academia since I was first introduced to the anime a few years ago. I started watching (from the beginning) when season 2 was midway through. I quickly binged season 1, caught up with the then current episode of season 2, and have been keeping up ever since. I have re-watched the available seasons several times and am current with season 4 as it is being released. I also own a Funko Pop of both Deku and All Might. This is not only one of my favorite animes, but generally speaking one of my favorite shows. The characters are relatable, the stories throughout the series have depth, and the action is so much fun. 

Grossing over $8 million domestically

This brings me to the recently released movie, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. I went into the movie with high expectations, and I left the theater extremely impressed. The writers did a great job building a canon story that takes place ahead of the current anime timeline without any real spoilers.

Additionally, the majority of the movie wonderfully showcases every character in each of their respective roles. I appreciate that it highlights everyone rather than just focusing on the sole protagonist throughout. It isn’t until the latter part of the movie that it truly hones in on Deku. The movie is about Class 1-A taking on real hero work on a small island off the coast of Japan. As with the show, the movie delivers a compelling story. However, where Heroes Rising truly shines is in the action sequences. They really outdid themselves with the high quality and intense fighting that makes the anime so fun to watch.

I give My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising a 9/10 rating and I intend to see it again in theaters.

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