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|Movie Review| Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (Spoiler Free)

On Tuesday night I hosted our very first Nerdtropolis Meetup with LegionM and Fathom Event’s special screening of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot! We had 20 citizens of Nerdtropolis join us for a fun evening filled with laughs! I even had a package from Kevin Smith sent to me that included some awesome Chronic Con badges and lanyards that featured Blunt-Man and Chronic that we wore to the movie!

Kevin Smith movies aren’t for everyone, so if you never watched any of his movies before that have been produced since the early ’90s, then this movie probably won’t do it for you but it was great for us avid Kevin Smith Fans who have followed his career since the very beginning.

This movie was made for fans and brought back a lot of memories.
There are a lot of fun additions to the cast which included some surprising and expected Cameos such as Matt Damon, Shannon Elizabeth, Ben Affleck, Jason Lee, Roasrio Dawson, Jason Biggs, James Van-Der-Beek, Craig Robinson, Val Kilmer and many more.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot isn’t a direct sequel to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back but more of an update and conclusion for all of Kevin Smith’s movies that exist in a shared universe that is 25 years old. We get callbacks to Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma and of course Clerks.

This movie makes fun and light of Hollywood sequels, remakes, & reboots while being one itself as it shares a very similar story and plot to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

I give Jay and Silent Bob Reboot an 8/10 and you can watch it during the official roadshow coming to a city near you where Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes themselves host their own screening of the movie.

-SeanTaj, Mayor of Nerdropolis

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