Mortal Kombat Legends: Cage Match – Movie Trailer

Joel McHale voices Johnny Cage in the new Mortal Kombat movie.

Mortal Kombat Legends Cage Match trailer.

The Mortal Kombat video game franchise has a charismatic and iconic character named Johnny Cage. He is now getting the spotlight he loves in a new animated film Cage Match. He is known for his flashy Hollywood persona and impressive martial arts skills. Cage is a brash yet endearing action movie star who brings his own unique flair to the deadly tournament. He captivates audiences both in and out of the game with his signature sunglasses, smug grin, and witty one-liners. Despite his celebrity status, Johnny proves to be a formidable combatant. He utilizes a mix of acrobatic kicks, powerful punches, and even his own energy-projecting green forceballs to take on the otherworldly foes. Underneath his showmanship lies a true hero’s heart. Johnny Cage is an essential and beloved figure in the enduring saga of Mortal Kombat.


Neon lights… Suits with shoulder pads… Jumping from explosions in slow motion… In 1980s Hollywood, action star Johnny Cage (Joel McHale) wanted to become an A-list actor. But when his costar, Jennifer (Jennifer Grey), goes missing from the set, Johnny finds himself thrust into a world filled with shadows, danger, and deceit. As he embarks on a bloody journey, Johnny quickly discovers the City of Angels has more than a few devils in its midst. He faces off against a sinister secret society plotting a nefarious scheme, but the brutal fight against the bloodthirsty warriors of the Netherrealm is just beginning. Can Johnny, alongside other Kombat legends, save humanity…and, more importantly, his career?

Watch the trailer below for the fourth animated film in the franchise!

The cast includes Gilbert Gottfried as David Doubldy, Dusan Brown as Chuck Golden, Grey DeLisle as Kia, Robin Atkin Downes as Shinnok, Zehra Fazal as Jataaka, Kelly Hu as Ashrah, Matt Yang King as Concierge, Phil LaMarr as Brian Van Jones, Matthew Mercer as Director/Bully, Dave B. Mitchell as Raiden and Armen Taylor as Master Boyd. The movie will be available on October 17th digitally from Prime Video and on 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray.

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