Miles Morales To Face Carnage In New Marvel Series

Miles Morales will have to confront the sadistic monster Carange.

Miles Morales and Iron Man caugth by Carnage

Miles Morales swings into his darkest battle yet in CARNAGE REIGNS. The original Carnage host Cletus Kasady is back. He is more powerful and bloodthirsty than ever and has a score to settle with Miles—and New York City! The two iconic characters will go head-to-head in this thrilling crossover between their respective ongoing titles and the new symbiote series starring Normie Osborn, RED GOBLIN. Crafted by Carnage writer Alex Paknadel and Miles Morales: Spider-Man writer Cody Ziglar and featuring art by Julius Ohta, Jan Bazaldua, Federico Vicentini, and Francesco Manna, the seven-part epic kicks off with a giant-sized one-shot, CARNAGE REIGNS ALPHA #1. Check out the covers below and the trailer!

 Carnage Reigns #1 arrives on May 3! Read more Comic News on Nerdtropolis. Subscribe to our YouTube.

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