Medieval – Movie Review

The true story of Jan Žižka inspires Medieval.

Medieval stars Ben Foster and Academy Award Winner Michael Caine. This film is an action-packed historical epic inspired by the true story of daring mercenary leader Jan Žižka. It is by Czech director Petr Jákl and is the most expensive Czech production ever. Medieval is Rated-R for some nudity and strong grisly violent content.


Jan Žižka is one of the greatest warriors in history. After the death of its emperor, the Holy Roman Empire plummets into chaos while corrupt kings battle for control of the empty throne. To battle the tyranny and greed of those clawing for power, Jan must lead a rebel army in this sweeping saga of war and betrayal.

Medieval starts strong with its brutal and bloody action, but more is needed for audiences to care about a plot that does not evoke any emotion. There is little depth to the generic movie filled with battle sequences and sword fighting. It is an overly complicated version of Game of Thrones. In between the action, the film becomes dull while attempting to set up feuds and secret alliances. It will be challenging to sit through the movie in one sitting with an over 2-hour runtime. The mix of accents and having the lead, Ben Foster, not attempt a proper dialect prevented me from being absorbed in the beautifully shot historical action movie. I honestly feel that foster was miscast in this film. However, the best parts are the visually attractive cinematography capturing historical sites and gorgeous landscapes.


I give Medieval 2.5 out of 5 stars. If you want to see one of the most ultra-violent history dramas, this one is for you. It is now available on Digital and will be on DVD & Blu-ray on December 6th.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

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