Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power Makes You The Villain

Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power Strategy Board Game Review

Marvel Villainous Board Game Review

Now’s your chance! Jump into the world of Marvel in the shoes of a Big Bad Evil Guy. In Marvel Villainous you and up to three friends get to throw your friendship out the window! Its ok! Who needs them? All that matters is whose corpses make up the throne and who sits in it. Today is the day to finally get even with that one friend. They know what they did. Be the first to complete the unique goal of one of the five playable characters, but don’t forget to hinder your opponent with extreme prejudice.


In Marvel Villainous each player chooses for one of five villains: Thanos, Ultron, Killmonger, Hela, or Taskmaster. Each villain has a unique set of cards and set of fate cards. The fate cards are added to the community fate deck for each villain chosen, to insure relevant happenings. After setup, players take turns moving on personal domain boards, and performing actions. Actions range from gaining power, to moving and vanquishing minions. Each villain has a unique objective to complete, like Thanos’s quest for the Infinity Stones, or Ultron’s need to upgrade. Finish your objective before the other baddies to score a victory.

Marvel Villainous Board Game Set Up

Turns always start with a move to a location in your domain. Each location has a unique set of actions associated with it. You can perform any or all the actions on your location in any order. Sometimes you can draw fate cards. The fate deck has Heros and events that can be used to hinder your opponent’s available actions. Having a hero blocking some of your location’s actions can really mess up your turns. Don’t be afraid to slip into the role of evil, at least for one game! Messing with your opponent is just as important as achieving your own goals. Villains can’t share a victory after all.

Marvel Villainous Board

Marvel Villainous is fun and a joy for any fan of Marvel

The components, however, leave much to be desired. The plastic tray that holds the tokens is a cheap piece of vacuum-formed plastic that seems to have been cut in haste. The cards have some truly beautiful art on them but felt a little low quality to me, and the player pieces are halved and glued. The components do not live up to the other Villainous games, and that was a little disappointing, but the game play and Marvel theme go a long way to overcome that grievance. End of the day I say it is defiantly worth playing, and if you are a fan of Marvel, it is worth the purchase. I cannot wait to gather the infinity stones!

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